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Compressed air cleaning gun tornado effect

Item number: WG-12

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Compressed air cleaning gun with tornado effect

The compressed air operated suction cup cleaning gun, which atomizes both air and cleaning liquids very finely and is swirled under high pressure. Suitable for cleaning e.g.

Spare parts, hard-to-reach places.

Door sills, panels, car upholstery, floor mats, headliners, crevices, cracks

Heating ventilation shafts, between the seats, seat rails, shift cuff, door storage compartments

and much more


In the blow-out funnel there is a thin compressed air hose that rotates in a spiral during operation.

The resulting effect creates the tornado effect.

The emerging air mixture is set in rotation and a kind of rotary milling machine, the tornado effect, is created, which removes dirt particles from the surface with extremely great force

The adjustable ultra-fine micro-atomization with the appropriate cleaning agents combats even the most stubborn dirt safely and effectively.

  • Tank capacity: 1000ml

  • Working pressure: 6bar (8bar max)

  • Working temperature: 10-50 C

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