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About our company

Wolf, your competent contact in the area of ​​workshop equipment

for car dealerships, car workshops, tire services, private and wholesale customers.


Sale of workshop equipment with 1A processing, manufactured,

tested and certified according to the machinery directive.

Design, development and quality management

ISO9001: 2008 certified company.

Wolf-Germany workshop equipment® is a trademark protected in the EU.













In our shop we offer you a wide range of high quality products at affordable prices.


Our employees welcome you in a friendly and helpful manner at all times, conduct extensive consultations and take time for you and your very individual wishes. We show you new possibilities and look forward to finding something suitable with us.


Through many years of experience and close customer contact, we at Wolf-Germany Werkstattauslassung® GmbH know what is important, take our time for you and have set ourselves the goal of implementing every customer request to the fullest satisfaction.


Over the years we have gained experience in trading, we are a trading partner where price and performance go together.


Thanks to our many years of experience in import and export, we offer our major reseller customers the opportunity to process your order from order to delivery to your company headquarters.


Since the market is constantly changing, we now offer traders or private customers the opportunity to buy lifts & tire changers from us at affordable prices.


For this purpose, we have built an exhibition hall with lift technology and tire mounting technology in 84556 Kastl in our warehouse in the south of Germany in the state of Bavaria.


After consultation, you can view and test the models here.


Machine training and instruction possible.


There in our warehouse you can pick up your lift or tire changer yourself.


We look forward to every request and will quickly send you a fair offer for a product from our company.



Our products are built with very high quality components.


Wolf-Germany Werkstattauslassung® GmbH - your competent partner for quality tools and quality machines.


For our company, products are manufactured in the various specialized production plants in accordance with the legally prescribed European safety standards.
The specialized ISO 9001 certified partner factories produce besides lifts, tire changers as well as balancing machines and high quality accessories according to our specifications.

The production of our machines is monitored and carried out by professionally trained specialists. We can always guarantee quality because the entire production process, from the selection of raw materials to the completion of a machine, is usually carried out in the same factory. Thanks to well networked production facilities, even small parts are produced there themselves.

After checking the raw materials, the individual parts and the finished machine, a quality control and a test run are carried out in the factory before the final packaging. The machine will only be packed and sent to our warehouse if both go without the slightest defect. After purchasing, you will receive a perfectly functioning machine that meets the statutory requirements for safety and quality. Our machines are constantly being developed and adapted to the latest innovations. We always try to use the latest innovations and the latest technology in our products. New developments only go into series production after an intensive test phase with the most precise checking of compliance with all quality and safety standards.

Photos show our partners production plants:

Warehouse with showroom and sales:


In order to guarantee you flexible and short delivery times, we have excellent storage capacities.

Your team from Wolf-Germany Werkstattauslassung® GmbH QUALITY CHANGES THE WORLD

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