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Cleaning gun foam gun foam gun

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Compressed air cleaning gun foam gun Foam gun for vehicle washing from Wolf-Germany

The compressed air-powered suction cup cleaning gun foam cannon, which atomizes both air and cleaning fluids (vehicle shampoo) and foams under pressure. Suitable for washing vehicles

Also ideal for truck trailers, refrigerated trains, car washes, washrooms, etc.

and much more

A must for all car dealerships and vehicle dressers, private individuals for optimal vehicle washing.

Shampoo the vehicle optimally with the foam gun.

The first foam cannon that prepares the cleaning liquid into a firm, standing foam. Absolutely economical consumption with correspondingly low wastewater pollution. Particularly suitable for all intensive pre-cleaning that requires longer exposure times

  • Foam devices increase the contact time of the chemicals used

  • A longer exposure time ensures a better result


For a perfect car wash.

You will achieve the best possible result when washing your car. The dirt is loosened by strong foam, locked in and flows off the paintwork before the main wash. Wash scratches and circles are avoided, as you only need to wipe off the remaining dirt with little pressure.

In order to achieve an optimal, stable and effective foam, it is a prerequisite that the cleaner is also up to the requirements.

The adjustable foam cannon fights even the most stubborn dirt safely and effectively with the appropriate cleaning agents.

  • Tank capacity: 1000ml

  • Working pressure: 6bar (8bar max)

  • Working temperature: 10-50 C

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