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Mobile paint heater, infrared shortwave paint dryer

2199 EUR
incl. 19% VAT.

plus shipping and handling

Net: € 1847.89

Special offer - ATTENTION B-goods!

This painting spotlight is a demonstration machine from the New!

May have slight scratches on the paintwork! The spray spot is like new! and has no function restrictions! Will be repackaged for shipping.

Spare parts in the future can be ordered through us. Delivery time approx. 14 days, as the machine is not our brand.

Immediately available

+ Shipping costs within Germany

(without islands) Bulky freight forwarding 145 €

Mobile paint heater, infrared shortwave paint dryer

Fair piece

Mobile painting spotlight

Infrared shortwave paint dryer

IR emitter

4000 watts of power

1 cassette with 4 shortwave lamps of 1000 watts each.

particularly large drying area

specially developed for drying both vertical surfaces (flanks, doors, bumpers) and horizontal parts (bonnets, trunk lids, roofs).

with gold-coated tubes

To dry top coats, basecoats and base materials. The short-wave energy penetrates the paint layer and also dries out from the inside

Infrared dryer with a digital rangefinder and a computer-controlled drying process that can also be manually adjusted to the paint brand and product you use.

Pulsating function - for water-based plastics and paints

Thanks to the positioning aid and program computer control of the heater, reliable drying of the surfaces is guaranteed.

Gold reflectors guarantee an even reflection of the IR rays over the entire dry area.

The fixed arrangement of the lamps ensures that the surface temperature is distributed.

Thanks to the weight-optimized mixed construction of aluminum and steel, very easy handling of the devices and simple positioning is guaranteed.

Unique design of the lamp housing made of aluminum.

High area performance, super drying and heating process with high efficiency.

The gold coating on the infrared heater reflects the IR radiation, which means that the radiation on the product is almost doubled.

Strong cooling ventilation of the cassette and thus longer lamp life

Extensive tests show that our short-wave infrared emitters dry water-soluble paints much more efficiently than conventional radiant heaters. Furthermore, our short-wave infrared emitters require up to 30% less energy.

Technical specifications

Power supply 380V / 3-phase

Heating capacity 4 x 1000W

Timer 0 - 99min

Drying area 2000 x 1100mm

Weight 65kg

Adjustable heating output 35 - 100%

Drying programs Yes

Predrying ("Pulse") function Yes

Distance sensor yes

Automatic temperature

measurement and control Yes

Also possible

Manual object

Temperature setting.

The spotlights have an optional digital

adjustable drying programs.

Precise placement of the spotlight through 360 °

swiveling and rotating lamp housing

Aluminum housing with built-in fan

for optimal cooling

Gold-coated VPOWER IR tubes

for directional radiation and high efficiency

Power cable holder

Comfortable lifting by gas pressure spring

Demonstration device with slight signs of use

Spotlight with only 1 cassette 4000W

If interested, just let me know

Will be sold as shown

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