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Model: Double scissor lift on Floor


Premium Line

3899 euros
VAT included

plus shipping and handling

+Shipping costs within Germany
(without islands) Bulky goods. Forwarding 260 €

Double scissor lift for surface mounting. 3000KG with direct attachment to the sill for cars


This lift fits perfectly in any garage.

Since this lift is extra flat 105mm, it does not take up much space.

- Double cylinder on each side -4 hydraulic cylinders for powerful lifting and lowering

- The stage is durable, insensitive & almost maintenance-free

- A rocker arm system ensures direct, powerful lifting

- Hydraulic synchronization control

- No annoying cross connection

-A compressed air connection of 6 bar is required for unlocking


Technical specifications:

-Lift strength 3000kg

-Max. Lift height: 1850mm

- Platform height: 105mm

- Platform length, direct mounting on the sill, adjustable from 1450 to 2075mm

Motor 2.2 kW
Lifting time 45s
Lowering time 30s
Oil tank 10L

Weight: approx. 900 kg

Current operation: (240V / 50Hz 1 phase) or (380V50Hz 3 phase) selectable when ordering.

Scope of delivery:

• Double scissor lift above floor including motor unit

• Powerful motor with hydraulic unit

• Including elevation rubbers

• German user manual + assembly instructions (video)

• Test book for the regular UVV safety test with EC declaration of conformity.

• The lift is supplied in black.

• Easy assembly because 80% pre-assembled

• New goods in original packaging.

(Hydraulic oil and ground heavy-duty anchor not included in the price, can be ordered optionally)

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