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Model: 1 side unlocking when lowering


Pick up everything for cars and vans, including those with a long wheelbase (e.g. Sprinter, Ducato, mobile homes).

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With this lifting platform it is possible to lift from cars and vans, even those with a long wheelbase (e.g. Sprinter, Ducato, mobile homes).

Product description:

A 2-post lift with 1 side unlocking when lowering with 6300KG lifting force.

Conventional two-hand operation.

Manuel by hand drain valve opener on the pump.

Manual 1 side unlocking.

Support arms:

3-way telescopic support arms from 970-1950mm 2 times extendable
Turntable with double thread
Turntables with anti-twist protection

The stage is durable, insensitive and almost maintenance-free.

The support arms are automatically locked and unlocked and enable wide opening of the car doors. The powerful motor with two powerful hydraulic cylinders makes lifting and lowering easier.

Synchronization control is ensured by wire ropes running inside.

Door edge protection, drive-over plate and turntable with double thread!

complete the stage equipment.

Technical specifications:

Lift strength: 6300 kg

Maximum wheelbase: 44 00mm

Max. Lifting height: 1850 mm

min. Lifting height: 105 mm

Total height: 3033mm

Total width: 4003mm

Width betw. Column passage width: 2916 mm

Lifting time: approx. 50 sec

Lowering time: approx. 35 sec (adjustable)

Noise level: 70 dB

Weight: approx. 950 kg

Electricity operation: 400 V, 50 Hz

Power: 2.2 kW

Power connection: 400Volt

Scope of delivery:

• 2-post lift including motor unit

• Powerful motor with hydraulic unit

• Door edge protection

• 4 x adjustable turntables

• Drive-over plate

• German operating instructions + assembly instructions (video)

• Test book for regular UVV safety checks with EC declaration of conformity.

• The lift is supplied in black.

• Easy assembly as 80% pre-assembled

• New goods in their original packaging.

(Hydraulic oil and heavy-duty ground anchor not included in the price, can be ordered as an option)

Danger :

When delivering, please make sure that a forklift is available for unloading!

With the weight of this article 980kg, appropriate aids such as forklifts, pallet trucks are used for further transport. So it is sometimes unavoidable that when opening or Unloading small paint damage occurs, these areas are no reason for complaint!

Information on the soil requirements foundation statics:

Expansion of min length 5000 mm width 3000 mm depth 500 mm.

Concrete of strength class C20 / 25 according to DIN1045: 2001-D7 double reinforced

The depth of the foundation must be at least for a 2 post lift with identical load capacity

350 mm .

For your own safety, don't let your competitors convince you that one concrete strength

From 200mm is sufficient! From a static point of view, it does not matter from which provider you get the 2 post lift

Always the same soil requirements!

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