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Model: 2 meters high

Manual unlocking when lowering


Classic Line

1899 EUR - 220 volts
1999 EUR - 380 volts
VAT included
plus shipping and handling

Currently not available (delivery bottlenecks)

Advance reservation recommended due to high demand!

+ Shipping costs within Germany
(without islands) Bulky freight forwarding € 260

Product description:

A 2-post lift for cars, sports cars, SUVs & small vans with a short wheelbase up to 3200kg.

Lifting platform total height 2000 mm total width of 3000mm

with manual unlocking on both sides when lowering.

The stage is durable, high-quality powder-coated, insensitive and almost maintenance-free.

The support arms are automatically locked when they are lifted. If the platform is completely lowered, this lock is released automatically and enables the car doors to be opened wide.

Automatic mechanical crash safety lock integrated on both sides.

The powerful motor and two powerful maintenance-free hydraulic cylinders make lifting and lowering easier.

Synchronization wire ropes mounted without load ensure the synchronization of the support arms.

Hydraulic unit mounted on the front saves space.

Drive-over plate, particularly suitable for deeper vehicles, turntable at least 100mm with rubber pad round off the equipment of the lift.

The lift can also be used as a second parking facility (parking lift).

Support arms:

4x2-part short (front) can be pulled out once

Technical specifications:

Lift strength: 3200 kg

Lifting height: 1500 mm (turntable only)

Lifting height: approx1550mm (turned out with turntable)

Maximum wheelbase: 30 00mm

Min. lower height: 100 mm

Drive-over plate height: 40 mm

Total height: 2022 mm

Total width: 3000mm including hydraulic pump

Passage width: 2100mm

Drive-through width: with larger vehicles it may be that they have to be pushed into the lifting platform because of the total width of 3000mm

Lifting time: approx. 50 sec

Lowering time: approx. 35 sec (adjustable)

Noise level: 70 dB

Weight: 530 kg

Power: 2.2 kW

Electricity operation: (240V / 50Hz 1phase) or (380V50Hz 3Phase) 100 € surcharge can be selected when ordering.


Scope of delivery:

• 2-post lift including motor unit

• Powerful motor with hydraulic unit

• 4x plug adapter elevations

• 4x height-adjustable turntables with rubber pads

• Drive-over plate

• Limit switch Safety switch

• German operating instructions + assembly instructions (video)

• Test book for regular UVV safety checks with EC declaration of conformity.


• The lift is supplied in black.

• Easy assembly as 80% pre-assembled.

New goods in their original packaging.


(Hydraulic oil and heavy-duty ground anchor not included in the price, can be ordered as an option)

See video how it works or

What is manual unlocking when lowering

Information on the soil requirements foundation statics:

Expansion of min length 4000 mm width 3000 mm depth 350 mm.

Concrete of strength class C20 / 25 according to DIN1045: 2001-D7 double reinforced

The depth of the foundation must be at least for a 2 post lift with identical load capacity

200 mm .

For their own safety, they won't let their competitors convince them that one concrete strength

From 100-150mm is sufficient! From a static point of view, it does not matter from which provider you get the 2 post lift

Always the same soil requirements!

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